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Welcome to the Attuned Neurofeedback Website, hosted by Board Certified Neurofeedback Providers Ellen Shaw-Smith, LICSW, Dr. Clair Goldberg and Mirjana Askovic, BPsych (Hons). As developers of the Attuned Neurofeedback International Training Program Model we are excited to present the expert teachers and mentors found here.

Collectively we represent over 200 years of clinical neurofeedback experience in a range of environments including: mental health clinics and agencies, schools, forensic settings, medical and rehabilitative environments, research programs, and private practice venues. With our varied practice experiences and range of adjunct treatments, our common bond is found in our passion and belief in neurofeedback as a profound tool for healing and change.

What Sebern Fisher and Ruth Lanius have to say about ANF

Learn more about Sebern’s work with neurofeedback for developmental trauma in our Resources Area.

About Attuned Neurofeedback

Attuned Neurofeedback is deeply rooted in the work of brain training pioneers such as psychotherapist and neurofeedback clinician Sebern Fisher, MA, BCN, neuropsychologist and neurofeedback educator Dr. Ed Hamlin, and renowned trauma oriented brain researcher Dr. Ruth Lanius, all of whom are represented here in our clinical community of neurofeedback faculty and consultants.

With our focus on foundational neurofeedback training as traditionally taught, along with cutting-edge understanding of neurofeedback for the traumatized person, we teach an integrated approach to neurofeedback training relevant to all client populations.

About Attuned Neurofeedback

Our Attuned Neurofeedback Story

Making The Invisible Visible

Our Attuned Neurofeedback Story

Making The Invisible Visible

Click below to learn about the collaboration of ANF founders, Dr Clair Goldberg, BCN, Ellen Shaw-Smith, LICSW, BCN and Mirjana Askovic BPsych (Hons), BCN in bringing together this gifted website community of empirically based, client-centered providers. Learn about the inception of the Attuned Neurofeedback Model as it grew out of our work with Sebern Fisher and her application of neurofeedback for early trauma. Join us in our early conversations as we broadened our understanding of best neurofeedback practice from the work of our colleagues around the world. We are so pleased you are here now in this constantly growing and evolving world of neurofeedback education.

A Client View Of Attuned Neurofeedback
Last week I took a webinar on Attuned Psychoeducation taught by Ellen Shaw Smith. I understood what she was teaching from an experiential perspective. Here are a few things I learned about myself and attuned psychoeducation.

I’ve worked with four different providers, four different neurofeedback approaches and three different neurofeedback systems. Until I took Ellen’s course on Attuned Psychoeducation, it’s been hard for me to explain what is different about my relationship with my current provider and the psychoeducation he uses with me that has made an important difference in my brain training, self-development, and psychotherapy, Ellen’s course put words to my experiences. I now understand what those differences are and why they matter. The neurofeedback outcomes I enjoy today are the result of attuned neurofeedback and attuned psychoeducation while working with a skilled trauma therapist.

Attuned psychoeducation goes way beyond informing. It’s not a symptom remediation model. It’s a whole person model. It’s about embodied conversations. These conversations sometimes use metaphor. It’s about finding right brain and left brain ways to talk to people about their neurofeedback experiences. For me, it’s very different from explaining a brain map to me although understanding a brain map is helpful for some people.

When my provider uses metaphor to explain something to me, I feel it in my body. I absorb what he says. It becomes part of me and it stays with me when the session is over. Every time we meet, he treats me as a whole person in a relational way. He has a ‘knowing’ about how to be with me and how to talk to me. I now understand in a deeper way why attuned neurofeedback and attuned psychoeducation was the neurofeedback approach I needed especially because neglect is part of my history. I have come into existence. I deserve to live a fulfilling life. I’m moving toward peace.

Debbie Asplen Ingraham

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Our Program

In our BCIA accredited program you may elect to participate in a 36 hour Introduction to Neurofeedback, our 16 hour hands-on practicum, or an 8 week ongoing case consultation group.

Individual BCIA approved mentoring is also offered as an adjunct to our program.

Explore our courses in the links below while you consider joining us in the rich journey of becoming a clinical neurofeedback provider. 

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The Foundations of Attuned

Step in with our ANF teachers as we explore this powerful technology through a lens that sees each person and each brain as unique in its search for regulation and optimal functioning.

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EEGer Neurofeedback System Packages

Meet our faculty

Meet our team of leading clinicians, researchers and educators in the Neurofeedback field.

Meet our faculty

Meet our team of leading clinicians, researchers and educators in the Neurofeedback field.

Faculty Courses

Explore the range of courses currently being offered by our highly skilled Faculty, each with extensive teaching and training experience.

Assessing Assessment with Dr Clair Goldberg

How neuroscience research is transforming clinical assessment.

Join psychologist and trauma expert Clair L. Goldberg, PsyD, BCN, and learn how to reconceptualize your assessment strategies.

Dr Goldberg integrates the findings of current neurophysiology research and attachment and affect regulation theory to better evaluate her clients’ needs and will share with you ways to enhance your assessment skills.

With a more sophisticated way of assessing patients, by integrating brain research and observing patients nervous system arousal levels, you will be in a stronger position to understand and treat your clients.

Developmental Trauma Course with Sebern Fisher

Explore an integrated therapeutic approach using trauma-informed psychotherapy, neurofeedback, and trauma-informed body work to deeply address the terrible aftermath of developmental trauma.

Attuned Psychoeducation with Ellen Shaw-Smith

In this 2.5 hour webinar, we will look at why Attuned Psychoeducation is an essential component for optimal outcomes in the practice of Clinical Neurofeedback.

Attuned Neurofeedback Articles and Blog

Early in learning neurofeedback I remember how hit or miss it all seemed in tracking client training effects. Good-enough tracking was my aspiration, without knowing exactly what that was in the midst of the many new skills I was learning.

Ed Hamlin’s invitation to share my thoughts about our neurofeedback clinical work provoked my own curiosity about how my listening and perceiving has evolved over the years, and what it is I listen and look for.

Brain activity is a song composed by 86 billion neurons. This song has key refrains, sung time and time again by the 6 key large scale brain networks that weave the melodies of our experiences together from inception to swan song.

What is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback is a non-invasive form of biofeedback that guides the brain toward its healthy natural functioning. Learn more about this brain-training technique and how it is used to improve the brain’s ability to self-regulate.

TRAUMA 24: Neurofeedback and Deep Brain Reorienting Conference

October 4th & 5th | Online or In-Person in Johannesburg, South Africa

Join Sebern Fisher, Frank Corrigan, and Ruth Lanius for an exploration of how neurofeedback and Deep Brain Reorienting (DBR) are opening doors to a new era of brain therapies.