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Neurofeedback, in many ways, is like yoga for the brain – it’s a practice where you learn to change your mindset, emotions, brain, etc. In Yoga, you don’t get into postures so you can stay there all day, you get into postures for what you can learn from them and take with you the rest of your day.

Brain activity is a song composed by 86 billion neurons. This song has key refrains, sung time and time again by the 6 key large scale brain networks that weave the melodies of our experiences together from inception to swan song.

Ed Hamlin’s invitation to share my thoughts about our neurofeedback clinical work provoked my own curiosity about how my listening and perceiving has evolved over the years, and what it is I listen and look for.

Let's Talk Fundamentals

with Ellen Shaw-Smith, LICSW, BCN and Guests

Let’s Talk Fundamentals offers reflections on the practice of neurofeedback for those clinicians new to the field as well as for more seasoned providers who enjoy looking at existing concepts in new ways.

My hope is that this blog exchange keeps us fresh in our thinking and understanding, as we collectively contribute to the evolving field of neurofeedback that is only made richer and more robust as more people enter into conversation together.

Early in learning neurofeedback I remember how hit or miss it all seemed in tracking client training effects. Good-enough tracking was my aspiration, without knowing exactly what that was in the midst of the many new skills I was learning.

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TRAUMA 24: Neurofeedback and Deep Brain Reorienting Conference

October 4th & 5th | Online or In-Person in Johannesburg, South Africa

Join Sebern Fisher, Frank Corrigan, and Ruth Lanius for an exploration of how neurofeedback and Deep Brain Reorienting (DBR) are opening doors to a new era of brain therapies.