Attuned Neurofeedback Practicum

Join Us For A Four-Week, On-Line Practicum Course using EEGer Software

With Leanne Hershkowitz M.A./Ed.S., LPC, BCN & Anna Morrell M.S., LCMHC, BCN

The Attuned Neurofeedback Practicum (ANP) or EEGer Online Practicum (EOP) is a foundational course for those beginning in the field of neurofeedback, someone new to the EEGer software or someone looking for a refresher of essential neurofeedback skills. This course is designed with weekly lectures to help bridge information from the Didactic course (Introduction to Clinical Neurofeedback) to the hands-on learning of running a neurofeedback training session. Each week, we layer we layer new skills to build confidence in your abilities as a neurofeedback provider, from applying the sensors, understanding the arousal model to protocol selection and adjustments, through running training sessions.

How Our Course Works

Our 3 hour, 4-week ANP format requires live group participation. Each participant will receive 12 hours of practicum instruction including:

Dates and times of these sessions are determined between individual mentees and mentors. These sessions are intended to offer one on one time to go over specific questions related to learned skills, how to integrate neurofeedback into your practice, and more.

Those Who Will Benefit From This Course

Beginners to the field of neurofeedback, someone new to the EEGer software or someone looking for a refresher of essential neurofeedback skills.

CE And BCIA Credits

CE Credits are not available for this section of the Introduction to Attuned Neurofeedback Course.

All course instructors are BCIA-approved mentors.

Registrations Now Open - 2 Day Intensive!

For those who have some experience with neurofeedback or need a refresher, are comfortable with technology and feel they learn it quickly, or have other trained providers in their professional environment to work closely with, in June 2023 we are offering a 2 Day Intensive Practicum Program.

For more information and to register, click on the button below: 

Course Content

Week One: Setting up a New Client & Recording a Mini Map

This includes:

  • The arousal model
  • Placing sensors and the 10-20 system with live demonstration and follow along
  • Learning how to record a minimap with live demonstration and individual practice
  • Basic understanding of the wave or therapist screen
Week Two: Basic Protocols & 1st Neurofeedback Training Session

This includes:

  • Learning how to find and use basic Protocols (C3, C4 & C3-C4)
  • Creating client files & using the plan session screen
  • Learning how to run a live training session including live demo and hands on practice
  • Additional learning of the wave screen
  • Small Group Mentor Time – using QuickAssist
Week Three: Re-Assessment & 2nd Neurofeedback Training Session

This includes:

  • Learning to assess the impacts of a training session and how to adjust training for best outcomes
  • Deeper learning of the wave screen, running training sessions and thresholding
  • Small Group Mentor Time – practice reassessing, adjusting frequencies, questions, live sessions with group members
Week Four: Coaching and Learning, Review Screen, Mini-Maps, Q&A

This includes:

  • In depth lecture on coaching & learning theory for neurofeedback including ground and sensory integration work
  • Introduction to the review session screen – how to assess your training sessions & begin to understanding and use MiniMaps
  • Live Q&A and discussions on how to move forward with your learning and finding the path to being a successful Attuned Neurofeedback Provider!
Individual Mentoring 1: Generally between weeks 1 & 2 (1hr)

Introduction to personal mentor, practice neurofeedback intake as client and select first protocol, practice setting up client profile and using remote computer access technology.

Individual Mentoring 2: Generally after 4 weeks completed (1hr)

Solidifying learning, questions, personal protocols, where they’d like to take this next.

All live lectures are recorded and are available for review approximately 1 week after each session and stay available to course participants for 30 days after the course ends. Small group and individual mentoring sessions are not recorded.

How This Course Is Different

Course Faculty

Leanne Hershkowitz
M.A./Ed.S., LPC, BCN
Anna Morrell

Course Schedule

February/March 2024 Schedule

Session times: Fridays, 12pm – 3pm EST

Registration Requirements

Course Fees & Bundles

We invite you to participate in the Attuned Neurofeedback Practicum today!
Attuned Neurofeedback Practicum
Attuned Neurofeedback Practicum Bundles
Would you like to complement your Attuned Neurofeedback Practicum training?
Choose from one of the below bundles.
Attuned Neurofeedback Practicum & Didactic Training

* Aligns with BCIA 2014 Revision

Attuned Neurofeedback Practicum & Standard Training Kit
Attuned Neurofeedback Practicum & Premium Training Kit
ANF Bundle
Looking for the complete ANF Package?
This bundle has everything you need to start your successful neurofeedback clinical practice.
Neurofeedback Clinical Pathway Bundle

Upon completing the Practicum, you will begin your 8-session Attuned Neurofeedback Mentoring Course. This course includes:

* Aligns with BCIA 2014 Revision

EEGer Training Kit Information

Practicing neurofeedback requires some specialized equipment. EEGer’s training kit will include everything you need to setup and conduct neurofeedback trainings. You, however, will need to supply a computer with certain minimum requirements and we also highly recommend acquiring a second monitor.

EEGer Training Kit (ETK):

  • EEGer4 software enable for live sessions with USB security key.
  • High-quality 2-channel EEG amplifier.
  • 2-channel set of non-disposable silver electrode sensors (2 flats, 2 earclips)
  • Ten20 conductive paste and NuPrep skin prep gel samples

The Premium Kit also includes:

  • Extra backup 2-channel set of electrodes
  • Clinical Nuprep, 4oz supply
  • Clinical Ten20, 24oz supply
  • Ardea game
  • Extra stacking jumper
  • Extra personal tech session with EEGer’s expert tech support team

You provide:

  • Desktop/Laptop that meets these minimum requirements.
  • Second monitor (recommended/optional)
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Cotton balls or pads
  • Wipes or paper towel

How the bundle purchase process works:

  1. Once you’ve decided on the appropriate bundle (each is detailed above), clicking the Buy Now button will take you to the appropriate checkout page where you may confirm and complete your purchase.
  2. The EEGer sales team will confirm your purchase, begin putting your training kit together, and notify you when it is on its way. In the meantime, you can double check to ensure your computer meets these minimum requirements for EEGer’s software. We also recommend acquiring a second monitor, but it is not required. If you have any questions about your computer set up, you can contact EEGer Store tech support at
  3. For the EEGer software, they have a self-install option as well as a guided installation option. When your training kit is shipped, their tech support team will reach out to you to schedule an individual installation session. Whichever method you prefer, they have you covered.
    Don’t forget the rubbing alcohol, cotton balls/pads, and wipes!

Because EEGer is classified as a medical device, your system will be using a limited software license. This type of license requires the involvement of a mentor to set up protocols. Once you have completed the course and successfully run a few sessions with your mentor, the EEGer Team will upgrade your software license to the full version. At this stage, you will have a month to continue learning before you will choose how to proceed with EEGer. This may be beginning a monthly subscription, choosing a payment plan that meets the needs of you and your practice, or returning parts of the training kit if you feel EEGer isn’t right for you.

Leanne Hershkowitz


Leanne Hershkowitz, M.A./Ed.S, LPC, BCN is a licensed professional counselor and a board-certified neurofeedback provider and mentor. With over 10 years of clinical experience, Leanne has provided services from individual counseling to group and family therapy across all ages, ethnicities, and LQBTQIA identities. Leanne primarily works with children, adolescents, and young adults. She specializes in adoption and in helping those who have found counseling challenging or unattainable in the past.

Leanne began her career in residential treatment and school-based counseling utilizing canine assisted and adventure therapy as well as attachment focused modalities. She now has a private practice in Montclair, NJ.

Leanne is passionate about social justice and is a strong LQBTQIA ally. Her teaching and lecturing work has included Introduction to Statistics, Adolescent Psychology and The Role of Shame in Developmental Trauma. But her favorite part of teaching is working with those who are brand new to this amazing modality. This includes creating and teaching the first fully virtual introduction to neurofeedback practicum and bringing in interns to her private practice.

Leanne’s journey into neurofeedback started early in her career where the neuroscience of attachment was at the forefront of her work. As her speciality in adoption, adolescents and neuroscience blossomed, this concept of neurofeedback continued to cross her path until finally she took the leap to get trained by Dr.Ed Hamlin & Dr. Mary Ammerman. Knowing her speciality required advance training, Leanne quickly began mentoring with Sebern Fisher and has continued to do so to this day.

Neurofeedback has altered and grown Leanne’s counseling practice in innumerable ways. It has made challenging work sustainable and changed how she sees clients, mental illness and the field of counseling. The rewards have been well worth the time and commitment to honing this artful science for both Leanne and her clients.

Leanne is the “Technology Go-To Person” of the group and enjoys figuring out all the ways the equipment and software can enhance her work with clients as well as the work of her mentees and students. She has a passion for making the complex understandable – by breaking it down into manageable and learnable chunks that build into the intricate concepts that we know as neurofeedback and neurobiology.

Leanne also provides QEEG services in her private practice through her work with Dr.Rob Coben and is in training to obtain her Diplomat in QEEG. Her goal, along side others in The Attuned Neurofeedback International Training Program, is to continue to bring the cutting edge of neuroscience and technology to attuned neurofeedback in best service of her clients and all those with trauma who seek healing.

Finally, in her own time, Leanne is a world traveler, dog lover and avid quilter.

Anna Morrell


Anna Morrell, MS, BCN, is a licensed clinical mental health counselor and board-certified neurofeedback provider and mentor. In addition, she is an international presenter and educator in the field of neurofeedback and regulation, including original courses such as “Regulating the Developing Brain,” and “Up-Down Regulation.” She is a part of the dynamic team at The Institute for Applied Neuroscience in Asheville, NC, where she continues her clinical practice, individual, group and agency mentoring, as well as neurofeedback and regulation course development.

As an artistic and creative youth, Anna recognized the healing qualities of the arts, from expressing thoughts and feeling states to the regulating and grounding characteristics in the act of creation and chose to pursue her Master’s in Clinical Art Therapy. In 2010, she was introduced to Neurofeedback and has since been captivated with the potential this approach carries for regulation and the organization of self.

Through the application of learning how to be a neurofeedback provider, she also learned first hand the profound impact neurofeedback can have on regulation and the importance of a supportive mentoring and provider community. Since her introduction to neurofeedback, Anna has been dedicated to integrating neurofeedback, art therapy, and sensory modulation in her work with children, adolescents, and caregivers, under extensive mentorship with Sebern Fisher and Ed Hamlin. She uses a person-centered, trauma informed approach to increase emotional stability, self-exploration, and life engagement, especially for those impacted by developmental trauma and neurodiversity.

Anna is honored to be a part of the Attuned Neurofeedback International Training Program, holding the awareness of the importance of community in her neurofeedback learning process and excited to share in future providers learning process.

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