Our Story

Making The Invisible Visible

In 2019 Mirjana Askovic, Clair Goldberg, Ellen Shaw-Smith, and Anna Morrell gathered with a small group of providers from around the world to further advance the application of Sebern Fisher‘s approach to calming the fear-driven brain.

The following year Mirjana in Australia and Clair and Ellen in the US began meeting online to collaborate in the development of what we have come to call Attuned Neurofeedback.

At the same time, Anna joined collaboratively with our colleague Leanne Hershkowitz to begin their work in advancing online neurofeedback education. With the committed encouragement of Lars Vala of EEG-Learn, Anna and Leanne went on to develop the online Attuned Neurofeedback Practicum.

How Attuned Neurofeedback Evolved

As the Attuned Neurofeedback model grew from its early inception, continuing to be informed by the work of Sebern Fisher, along with the work of Ed Hamlin, Ruth Lanius, and Robert Coben, the world was hit by covid.

As the pandemic became part of our global reality, Clair, Ellen, and Mirjana wondered in their meetings how to weather the initial 3-month lock-down before life would get back to normal.

In the early days of covid, we grappled with how to improve the application of neurofeedback training to remediate the tidal wave effects of the pandemic. We discussed Brene Brown’s work in Grounded Research, a way of listening to a critical mass of people speaking candidly about their everyday experiences.

With covid’s many unknown factors, we wondered if this way of listening would help us hear what our colleagues around the world were finding most effective in the isolation of their individual settings.

We committed to listening for the quiet, largely unseen ways they were persevering to help their clients and communities within the realities of covid.

Our ongoing listening to make the not-yet-visible elements of effective neurofeedback practice visible was fueled by our commitment to the ongoing evolution of neurofeedback best practices.

And now, out of this commitment, we are pleased to launch the Attuned Neurofeedback website.

The ANF website supports both foundational and advanced teaching for clinical neurofeedback providers across a spectrum of approaches and neurofeedback systems.

"Access our site to explore the work of our highly skilled clinical community with decades of commitment to the application and advancement of best-practice, client-centered neurofeedback teaching.

We are delighted that you have found us and look forward to serving your advancement in the rich and compelling world of clinical neurofeedback."

TRAUMA 24: Neurofeedback and Deep Brain Reorienting Conference

October 4th & 5th | Online or In-Person in Johannesburg, South Africa

Join Sebern Fisher, Frank Corrigan, and Ruth Lanius for an exploration of how neurofeedback and Deep Brain Reorienting (DBR) are opening doors to a new era of brain therapies.